Friday, August 28, 2009


Nothing much happening any more... too far to go get any more formaldehyde. I did kill Bill and eat his brain though.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Okay, this should really be an update but I am SUPER EXCITED about this so I'm making a new post.

I killed Bill. I cut his skull out. I decided to cut out his anus too. I walked east and lo and behold - Bill had respawned very quickly. Now, I was out of formaldehyde. I decided, hey, what the heck, this skull's just going to decay anyway. I unwielded my sword and wielded the Bill-anus. So now I'm all ready.

I hurl Bill's own skull at him, and then beat him to death with his own anus. Some highlights:

You throw a skull with your right hand toward Bill, connect indifferently
and pound his right hand.

You connect well and crush Bill's left leg brutally with your anus.

You connect reasonably well and wallop Bill's left arm with your anus.

You connect well and pound Bill's head with your anus.
Bill has been stunned.

You connect adequately and pound Bill's left hand with your anus.
Bill's left hand is broken.
Bill's oak quarterstaff is torn from his grasp.

You connect well and thump Bill's head with your anus.
Bill has been stunned.

Unfortunately I was not able to witness his death - he ran into a shop and bled to death. But his corpse stands yet, a warning to all Bills.

Friggin' Bill.

UPDATE: My Bill-anus has decayed completely... it may seem like a trifle, but to me it feels like a blow to the heart. I wanted that anus... I wanted to preserve it, keep it as a trophy of this day, as a memory, a little piece of the past... man...


Some pretty interesting stuff happened. I found an excellent hiding place - trash cans - for my skulls. Then I discovered that they were emptied quite often. Then someone told me an even better hiding place; I'll be using that. Um... saw a pickpocket carrying 5560 gp... I've got a few skulls, but I accidentally sold my formaldehyde, so I'll have to get more.

UPDATE: Too lazy to get more formaldehyde, but I managed to whack Bill with a fresh dog's head and proceed to kill him.

"You throw a fresh dog head with your right hand toward Bill, connect by
the slimmest of margins and pound his left arm and left hand, despite his
attempt to dodge."

So first I whack him with the disembodied head, then I blast him with my enhanced rune-marked longsword, blowing his left hand off and making him drop his quarterstaff. We battle for a bit and then he dies. Pretty awesome.

UPDATE UPDATE: Oh, on that note, does anyone know if thrown stuff keeps? I'd like to do battle with Bill by hurling his preserved skulls at him.

UUU: Things to do before I die:
Trash talk a zuth. Check.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So Nakita convinced me to be proactive, and here I am - 100 vials of formaldehyde. I need some decent place to stash it where the only people that come across it are the type of people who won't loot tons of vials of formaldehyde/preserved skulls... I am making lots of progress with my quest though.

Hey, anyone know how many vials I need per skull?

Ho hum

Not much to say today. Got four more staves. Haven't been able to play much, not enough time. Um...

Oh dang oh geez
Someone just looted my collection
I... I dunno what to do. Um... It was only around 10 staves... still. Where am I going to keep my stuff?

UPDATE: Beasty informed me I could use keep on them to keep them all. It's all good.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staff Count

Hey, so while I'm waiting for someone to sell me some formaldehyde, I've started tracking my Bill kills with his oak quarterstaves. I've got three so far, in the bottom right corner of Catelius Minor. Go see it if you like.
If you, too, are a connoisseur of the Bill-killing arts, if you wish, you may deposit your staves in the square to the left of the bottom right corner. If you're super nice and pick me up some formaldehyde, and I'm not online (atman Cheddarius, chars Cheddarius and Chedraran. I only use Chedraran because Cheddar is a sucky preset I was forced into.), you can also put that there.

EDIT: Got a bunch more staves, going to deposit them later.

Monday, August 24, 2009


You know, so far I've seen two pickpockets carrying around pine tables (presumably they have uber l33t pickpocket skills). Pretty weird, that.

Also, I remember I was killing Bill this one time, and near the end, dying under my blade, flayed to within an inch of his life, he desperately asked if I wanted to hear a good joke. I told this in OOC and someone was all "Bill is hardcore". Pretty funny. And it's kinda true, too, Bill is pretty hardcore.

Friggin' Bill.

Oh, still looking for some formaldehyde, if anyone wants to sell me some. For like, 1000 gp a unit, I'd say.

UPDATE: Just killed Bill with his own previous corpse's arm. So much win.

UPDATE UPDATE: After killing Bill with his own previous corpse's arm, I took his corpse, sold it to Emilio the butcher, bought the soylent green chip made from said corpse, and ate him. Ahahahahahahah. Mmmm! Not bad, actually.